Computer software is a quick and effective way to estimate construction labor cost for any size project. With the accuracy, speed and low price point of current construction takeoff and estimating program thousands for companies have already changed.

Over eight thousand companies have already started to use PlanSwift to help give them the edge in this tight construction market. They have seen the time and cost savings they get when using PlanSwift, in fact with PlanSwift’s low investment, less than $100 per month, and many wish they would have started sooner.

PlanSwift uses pre-built assemblies to do estimates. These have a great advantage of allowing users to build in construction labor cost along with materials and tools. Then all that is needed is to add the assembly to a segment or area and the software program will do all the calculations instantly.

Because the same type of work is done repeatedly on one project and on different jobs, these assemblies can be reused as many times as needed. This means that once an assembly of material, tool, and labor is built it never needs to be constructed again.

Other contractors have enjoyed the ability to include construction labor costs right in any estimating they are doing. To see why they have liked PlanSwift so much you can download a FREE copy today and use it for 14 days, at the end you too will understand why PlanSwift gives you an advantage.