Construction Job Growth Encouraging, But Hole Remains Deep:

Construction Job Growth Encouraging, But Hole Remains Deep

Washington, D.C. -The U.S. Labor Department reported that the jobs situation in the construction industry -a key driver of the U.S. economy – improved slightly for the second consecutive month, while still lagging behind other sectors. The number of construction jobs increased by 14,000, but construction unemployment still remained near Depression-era levels at 21.8%. Currently, more than 1.9 million construction workers are still looking for work.

Terry O’Sullivan, general president of LIUNA made the following statement regarding the jobs report:

“Two straight months of job growth is undoubtedly a good thing for the millions of construction workers struggling to get by. Still, the numbers show that unemployment in this vital area of the economy is far, far higher than almost any other part of the labor force.

“We can’t afford to let the men and women who build America’s basics – its roads, bridges, energy and water systems, and its schools – be left behind as the economic recovery continues. If we do so, it won’t just be construction workers who pay the price – it will also be paid by everyone as our basic needs go neglected.

“It’s time for Congress to take this problem seriously and invest in building America. Let’s pass a comprehensive highway bill. Let’s modernize our aging water resources facilities, our schools and our energy systems. And let’s put men and women back to work while leaving a legacy that will last for generations and allow our country to compete in the 21st century.”

This article bring up a very good point.  Why do we have such high unemployment in this field when there is still so much work to be done.  The government is printing money like mad to fund all sorts of other stuff, but the most important, to provide for it’s own, is being left undone.

If you have studied history you will see one of the main reasons Roman civilization fell apart was the government was no longer willing to provide basic upkeep of the infrastructure.  As the price of wars, leader decadency, and corruption grew less funds where available to maintain the roads, water supplies and buildings.

As these fell apart, commerce stopped, the flow go goods and services stops then the entire system simply feel apart.

Image what would happen today if a major bridge over the Mississippi river failed.  Not even talking about the deaths, the pain would be huge.  Look back at last years flooding in the area to get an example.  The flooding was only for a week, yet we had major problems for months.

Supplies would stop moving, and those that did would need to travel a lot further. Costs would go up, and the disruption to business would be hard to overcome.  All from 1 bridge.

Yet it is estimated over 80% of US bridges are in a state of extreme disrepair.

Maybe it is time to get back to BUILDING our country and not just talking.