Construction hard costs can be determined in minutes instead of hours with PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software. As we roll into 2011 now is the time to make sure you can get the most out of the New Year.

When most industry professionals look back on 2010 they see the industry has changed, and among many other things one big change is the need to estimate construction costs more often and faster than ever before.

To keep businesses coming in companies have found they now need to estimate a lot more often. There is more competition now, more projects fall apart before groundbreaking, and customers need more accurate numbers to submit to the banks.

All of this is combining to create the need to estimate more than ever before and there is no reason to expect this trend will change anytime soon. In fact, it will probably only increase in 2011.

People are also expecting construction hard cost estimates quicker than before. To get financing project owners now need to be about to submit costs earlier than before, plus the simple pace of life has grown faster.

People who in the past would wait a week to get back an estimate now want it the next day. A lot of this is because of the connectivity of people in today’s society, and the general push to get something going after all this down time.

Trying to keep pace with this new level of demand by hand in next to impossible. The time requirements would cause other tasks to be pushed aside. This is why, even though estimating by hand still works, it is costing construction companies’ hard cash, and why over 8,000 have already changed to PlanSwift.

With PlanSwift, estimates can be done in one-tenth the time of before leaving more time for other work, or the ability to estimate ten projects in the time it was taking to do just one.

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