Managing construction documents can be a full time job. Between all the filing, tracking and sending in and out of plans, estimates, bid, and requests for bid, an entire job position can be used up. The tracking of plans is a major part of this heavy time usage.

However, users or PlanSwift have that this program, which is mainly used for construction takeoff, and estimating is a major help in construction document management. send construction documents

PlanSwift has built in the ability to send plans, screenshots and files by a unique and efficient system. From inside the program a user need only select the email plan button to start the process. Then they are given the option to send plan pages, a screenshot from inside PlanSwift or other files.

“With more and more plans coming in via email and the internet, we saw the need for electronic takeoff software. We reviewed several packages with the intent to select the best package based on features, user friendliness, and value. PlanSwift won easily, beating out more expensive products, some with big names in the industry. My advice.. take a trial run as we did, and you will buy this product.”-Herbert Construction / Michael Hatfield

Once the files are selected, the user can then select the recipients’ of the files. Either they can type the email addresses in or PlanSwift can pull from other programs like Microsoft’s Office Outlook program.

Now the amazing part begins. The plans, files and images are uploaded to a secure PlanSwift server, and an email is sent out to all the receivers, which contains a coded link to these files.

“First class customer service! I like this product, it is very user-friendly and I am easily able to put assemblies together. Takeoffs are straightforward and easy to follow. PlanSwift gives you the ability to make nice, printable templates. I use this program for my granite, countertops, drywall, framing, and much more. I highly recommend PlanSwift for everyone in the construction industry. “-Phenix Home Developers / Jeff Dinam

This allows the files to be uploaded only once and the receive to get a short email that will not bog down even the simplest of phones. This link will enable people to access and download the files when it is convenient for them. reveive construction documents

PlanSwift even provides a Free viewer incase the other party is not using PlanSwift.

This feature, which if you are not using PlanSwift you would not know about, is a major help in managing construction documents. Just the time, money, and frustration saved by using it could play for owning the program.