Construction document management can be time consuming and difficult task. This is a task that is becoming even more challenging as a greater number of plans are not digital, making it harder to keep track of who has received plans and documents and who hasn’t.

Dealing with this problem is one of the main reasons why many construction professional have started to use PlanSwift for their construction software needs.

Construction Document ManagementWith PlanSwift’s innovative send plan feature users can send plans, files and screen shots to as many people as they want, in a quick, secure manner.

This is done by uploading the files to a secure PlanSwift server then sending a coded link to those files. In this fashion, a company can create a mini planroom by requesting others to download plans when they request.

If someone needs to be added to list, or needs to be given access again, all that need to be done is to resend the coded link. This task can be done with a smart phone, or with simple instructions back to the office. There is never a need to send the complete plans again, and needing to find them.

Profits are controlled by speed and organization. PlanSwift is offering a new and powerful why to manage construction documents.

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