Calculating construction costs per square foot has been a great way to quickly estimate the cost of construction. This rule of thumb estimating has worked great for a long period of time, however, its usefulness is beginning to be lost.

This is because of two major changes in the construction industry.

The first is the increasing price changes of materials. Prices are going up rapidly then crashing back down or a very regular basis, but the rules of thumb are based on prices that stay rather steady.

What this means is that contractors need to adjust the rule of thumb to take into account the changing price of materials.

The other big change in the advancement of construction takeoff and estimating software programs. With these programs, estimates can be complete in a lot less time than was needed when done by hand. Now construction costs per square foot can be calculated using exact numbers and not rules of thumb with only a matter is minutes more needed to arrive at the right number.

With the confluence of these two together, there is no longer a need to rely on rules of thumb. To see what it is all about you can access PlanSwift PRO absolutely free during a special 14 day trail. Just tell us a little about yourself and you will be given instant access.