Construction costs estimates should not take builders away from their primary tasks of building and making money. However, often it appears just the opposite; the process of cost estimating keeps owners so busy they do not have enough time.

This is a shame, as most builders got into the industry because they enjoy building and Construction cost estimatingbeing able to see at the end of the day that they have accomplished something. They did not get into this field to sit hunched over a desk with a highlighter in one hand and calculator in the other, up to all hours of the night.

But this is what more and more builders are doing. Especially now with the poor economy and the need to bid and compete on more projects just to keep work crews busy.

However there as some, the top twenty percenters, who have stumbled upon a way to get back to building and spend less time doing construction cost estimating. These builders have been able to reduce the time it takes to complete estimates by up to 90%.

They are then freed up to get more work done, find even more work, or end the day at a reasonable hour. Any of these are absolutely remarkable for the average owner.

So how do they do this?

How have they been able to get their lives back, and get back to doing what it is they love so much?

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