Construction costs estimates with PlanSwift is a contractors dream come true. With speed and accuracy of programs costing three times as much, PlanSwift is putting the power of takeoff and estimating software into the hands of all contractors.

Built around the belief that just because software is affordable does not mean it should not be powerful, PlanSwift brings everything to you in one package.

Complete construction takeoffs in one-tenth the time it would take to do the same work by hand. With assembly based takeoffs and powerful formulas you can complete your costs estimates in a fraction of the time it was taking you.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy PlanSwift

  1. PlanSwift is very easy to learn.  Just point and click!
  2. Most estimators can estimate 10X as fast using PlanSwift vs. traditional methods (ruler & highlighter).
  3. Astounding accuracy.  Precisely trace/digitize items on the plan using your mouse or a digitizer.
  4. Create an audit trail…if it’s colored, its counted!
  5. Save $ on gas, printing, and shipping costs.  No more driving to pick up plans…just email them.
  6. Top rated customer support…we have REAL ESTIMATORS on staff who can speak your lingo!
  7. Go Green! Go Paperless! It’s cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly.
  8. Best value for your $.  As shown in our testimonials, you get the most features for the best price.
  9. Extremely customizable & powerful.  The software can be customized to suit your exact needs.  You can do your takeoff + estimate in the same software.
  10. PlanSwift is becoming the platform.  Because of it’s integration capabilities and our SDK (Software Developers Kit), Many online planrooms and estimating software partners are creating integrations which will allow you as a customer to have a positive, integrated experience.

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