Construction costs estimates can be completed quickly and easily with the power of PlanSwift 9. You can reduce the time it takes to do takeoffs and estimates by 90% with no more effort than you are already doing.

You may even be able to increase the accuracy of your work.

The biggest cause of inaccuracies with takeoffs and estimates is not doing the work wrong but rather transposing numbers when coping them or hitting the wrong button when doing math. These are easy to do and hard to find, which also makes it hard to find errors.

The other bid problem with estimating by hand is the amount of time it takes. There are simply a lot of steps that need to be followed in order to estimate correctly. First measure, them determine how much material is needed for the section, then add all the materials up and finally add prices to the material. In the end this is a lot of work, and takes time.

With PlanSwift you can follow the same basic steps but they are able to be done much quicker. First is the measuring which is done automatically by the program just by you marking the outline of the area or line.

PlanSwift can then add a pre-built assembly to the area, which will include materials, costs, labor, tools and markup if you want.

In the end you are can be done with construction costs estimates faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

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