Construction costs continue to rise, driven by demand for supplies and worker in BRIC countries. This means that construction cost estimates need to be updated quickly and often in order to be accurate.

To do these updates by hand is a labor intensive task and the need to employ additional people could be prohibitive. This is why construction takeoff and estimating software is so important.

With use of software construction costs can be updated in seconds for an entire project or just one cost. This allows one person to rapidly do the work that would have taken several people in only minutes a day.

The #1 software program in this field is PlanSwift, and for good reason.

“Working with the PlanSwift Software, along with the PlanSwift team has been a positive experience from the beginning. The program is easy to use, with a minimal learning curve, allowing our team to be productive right from the start. It’s allowed us to set up a standardized takeoff procedure which has greatly reduced our costs and improved our overall efficiency. PlanSwift is completely customizable, giving us the ability to cater to our customer’s specific needs. The program is well worth exploring.”-84 Lumber / Steve Gorman

With assembly based takeoff, multiple language interfaces and the ability to use most length and measure this program is ideally suited for international construction firms. Regardless of whether you use feet or meter, or estimate construction costs in Dollars or Euros PlanSwift can to the calculations for you.

With the assembly based methods, you are in control of how the program deals with measurements, counts and quantities. You can even control the terms used for items, so whether you like to call it plaster board or drywall you can set the name you want.

“I just finished my online session with Patrick. I purchased this program right away. PlanSwift will save so much time in estimates. It is much easier to understand and use than the other program I was using, at 1/3 of the cost. No More dongle. I can use PlanSwift on any computer.”-Enterprise Tile and Stone / Mike Babbel

Top 10 Reasons to Buy PlanSwift

  1. PlanSwift is very easy to learn.  Just point and click!
  2. Most estimators can estimate 10X as fast using PlanSwift vs. traditional methods (ruler & highlighter).
  3. Astounding accuracy.  Precisely trace/digitize items on the plan using your mouse or a digitizer.
  4. Create an audit trail…if it’s colored, its counted!
  5. Save $ on gas, printing, and shipping costs.  No more driving to pick up plans…just email them.
  6. Top rated customer support…we have REAL ESTIMATORS on staff who can speak your lingo!
  7. Go Green!  Go Paperless!  It’s cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly.
  8. Best value for your $.  As shown in our testimonials, you get the most features for the best price.
  9. Extremely customizable & powerful.  The software can be customized to suit your exact needs.  You can do your takeoff + estimate in the same software.
  10. PlanSwift is becoming the platform.  Because of it’s integration capabilities and our SDK (Software Developers Kit), Many online planrooms and estimating software partners are creating integrations which will allow you as a customer to have a positive, integrated experience.