Construction cost calculation work can be improved by the use of quality takeoff and estimating software. These programs, like PlanSwift, allow users to radically reduce the amount of time involved in construction cost estimate calculations and improve the accuracy of the work.

Because PlanSwift does all the calculations for you, and works the way you like to it can reduce the time it takes to do construction estimates and takeoff to 1/10th the time it took otherwise. This allows companies to do ten cost calculations in the time it would take to do just one by hand.

With the PlanSwift program doing all the math calculations and creating reports, accuracy is often increased because there is no transposition errors or calculation errors. These are two of the most common reasons why construction cost calculations are wrong; either there is a math errors, or numbers are incorrectly written down.

The causes of these errors are many, but using PlanSwift eliminates the problems.