Colorado Planroom users are beginning to understand the benefits of integrating with PlanSwift construction software. By allowing users to instantly start working on plans, they received from a planroom these planrooms are providing an amazing tool to their members.

Time is one of those items, that once it is gone, you can never get back, and there is never enough of it. This is why anything that can help save time is a great tool, this is especially true in areas like North Dakota where the building season can be short.

PlanSwift by itself is an amazing tool for saving users time. Many users have found they can complete their work in 1/10th of what it would take to do the same efforts by hand.

However, when PlanSwift is combined with a planroom the time savings becomes almost magical. With the ability to download plans directly into PlanSwift from anywhere you have an internet connection, and at any time of day, there will never be a lost minute of time.

This is on top of the saving the time, gas and planning needed to drive to a planroom to access the plans.

PlanSwift and Planrooms are an amazing combination no contractor should miss. And to make sure you can download PlanSwift 9.0 today and use it free for the next 14 days to see exactly what it can do for you.

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Integrating Online Colorado PlanRooms with PlanSwift

Benefits for Colorado Plan Room

PlanSwift Estimating Software is perfectly positioned to work with organizations in the reprographic community on many fronts. Our capability, price point, and customer centric focus have propelled PlanSwift Software to be the fastest growing estimating and takeoff tool on the market. Electronic plan distribution coupled with point and click estimating technology is a powerful, cost effective solution. If you are linked with DFS, you are most likely already integrated with PlanSwift. It is as simple as downloading directly into PlanSwift and starting your project. We want to work with you and offer true solutions for you and your clients. This is an extremely synergistic relationship that is set up for success. PlanSwift also opens up many new opportunities for making money in the digital age. As a business partner, we are offering financial incentives such as commissions for referring leads to PlanSwift.

Benefits for Customers

The contracting community needs a solution to do takeoffs and estimates easily and accurately, without “breaking the bank” to buy an expensive solution. We can fill that need. Having PlanSwift available to download digital blueprints from the online plan room will help streamline the entire process. Not only do they receive the software, but we offer a free training with an experienced estimator to help them get going. Time, accuracy, speed, efficiency, and ease of use are the benefits of PlanSwift. Putting PlanSwift to work in an electronic plan room unleashes a powerful combination that builders and contractors deserve.

Why PlanSwift vs. [The Competition]?

  1. Commissions & Financial Incentives – We pay a 30% commission to you if we sell PlanSwift to a customer you send our way. Since our software is a platform, there are also other financial incentives by creating plugins or added services on the software.
  2. User Friendly – we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that our software is the most user friendly and easy way to do takeoffs.
  3. Development Platform – PlanSwift is designed from the ground up as a development platform, so you will be partnering with a company that is braced for solid growth and integration opportunities.
  4. More Features – No other takeoff software on the market has as many features as PlanSwift.  With PlanSwift’s development platform, the sky is the limit for what you can do with it.  PlanSwift is very versatile and customizable, and at the same time, very simple.
  5. Price – PlanSwift is much more affordable than other takeoff packages.  PlanSwift is robust enough for large contractors, yet affordable enough for the subcontractors.
  6. Powerful Tracking System – We are constantly developing more tools to help us be more efficient.  We have opened up to allow our partners to use the same tools we use to track the customers in many powerful ways.
  7. Top Rated Customer Service & Tech Support – We constantly receive compliments from customers that we have exceptional service and support.
  8. Fast Development – One of the things our customers love the most about PlanSwift is the continual improvements to the software.  We are very interactive and move quickly on updates that will make a difference for our users.
  9. Technology Driven – We strive to implement the leading edge of technology into our software and implement it quickly.  For example, we will soon be releasing integration with iPhones and iPods for users to download blueprints and take them on-the-go for reference.
  10. A True Partner – We value partnership.  Although we are firm about not being exclusive to any particular partner (since we are an open platform), we realize that our success is based upon the success of both our customers and our partners.  We are actively seeking ways to help online plan rooms transition into the digital age and make money at it.  We value our relationships and will do our best to have a win/win relationship with everyone we work with.
  11. Plug-n-Play – We have our partnership program all set up so all you have to do is “plug-n-play”.  We put extensive efforts into making it easy to work with us.