As more congregations have seen their ranks grow over the last couple of years they have found the are running out of space. This is causing a boom industry in the church construction industry.

There is however a trap all contractors must think about when bidding to become a part of this boom. That trap is the fact that most churches must get their church construction costs approved by a committee.

As we all know approval by committee can be a long, political, and frustrating process with a lot of back and forth between the parties. What would take days or weeks with a private process can take months with a church as they decide what they are willing to spend and for what. This can mean you will need to come up with several completely different estimates for the church construction cost.

One way we have found to make this process go smoother for everyone and to take up less time on the contractors is to use professional construction takeoff and estimating software.

These programs have several benefits to anyone wanting to work in the area of churches. First are the amazing timesavings these programs can offer. By reducing the amount of time involved in estimating by over half this will save the contractors many hours as the committee changes what is important to them. By being able to respond quickly with new cost estimates construction firms will show a professional face towards the elders. In addition, because this process may go back and forth often reducing the amount of time involved estimators can reduce their frustration level with the project.

A second very strong benefit to using takeoff and estimating software is the ability to produce professional looking estimates and bids. Because this process is such a group decision, often the proposal that looks the best will win. It is easier for people to support a good looking proposal and to have confidence in it when the proposal looks very professional.

Churches will continue to see their membership rise for the foreseeable future. Are you ready to be a part of it?