Learn How To Choose The Right Interior Paint Color For Your Home

Author: Lisa Beresford

It happens all too often you decide to change the Interior Paint color in your home, then after the Interior Painting is completed and your furniture put into place – pictures hung on the wall – You find that you just do not like the new color… It just doesn’t look right!

How could this be – you held up every sample to your wall and really felt good when you were talking to your Paint Contractor? Now that it’s on the wall it looks totally different. (Paint on paper is much different than paint on a wall)

Living in Colorado, the weather patterns change frequently. You may get a different shade at a different time of day and this could make a big difference from day to night!

I have found that most people change the color they originally started with – And this is usually because when the paint is on the wall – it looks much different than it did on a paint sample.

An Unfair Advantage When Choosing Paint Colors

Being in your position before – I understand that choosing the color of your walls in your home is a very big decision. You have to make sure your color looks good. Then you have to make sure it goes with your furniture, curtains, and other home furnishings and pictures.

Being a Woman in a Man dominated Industry – I have a significant “un-fair advantage”. When you work with me, you will notice this difference in the way we choose and test colors. You will feel at ease, because I take the time to not only show you paint samples –But actually put the paint on your walls, so you can get a great visual!

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