Discover the easy way to do a carpet installation estimate, from anywhere, when it is a good time for you. No need to spend massive amounts of time driving all over your city, during prime working hours, or worse at night when you would rather be home.

Estimating software allows you to estimate your carpet and flooring needs directly from original plans and do takeoffs from PDFs or other files. By using the original plans for a building, you can measure your needs right on the screen, include multiple areas then prepare an estimate in minutes. Plus these programs can handle irregular shaped rooms and arcs with simple success.

Because you are doing the work on your computer, you can complete flooring bids and estimates when the time is right for you. This allows you to take advantage of the down times you have during the day, instead of having it be lost time.

This all adds up to make your life as an estimator much better with estimating and takeoff software than before.