Using software to help with carpet estimate can be a time and money saver.

The time saver comes for the software’s abilities to calculate square feet of an area, even when the area is irregular, or curved. For programs that can handle onscreen takeoffs this is no problem.

The money saver comes from saving you time and by increasing your accuracy. With the ability to easily handle any size or shape of a room you can be sure to estimate the exact amount of carpet you need.

The time you save will help you save money because the time you would have used doing the numbers by hand is now time you can use to get work done, or work with less people. If estimating is a fast simple process, why employ another person or contractor for a task you can do and keep the money.

Carpet estimating software should also be able to produce professional looking reports, and bid for you automatically including you needed makeup. This way all you need to do is mark the area and the program will do everything else for you. Isn’t that what programs are for?

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