For any professional flooring estimator PlanSwift make a remarkable carpet estimating software with powerful tools and easy to use interface.

PlanSwift is a powerful estimating and takeoff software program designed to work with all plan types on the convenience of your computer screen.

Digitize areas, linear or curved segments with quick accurate precision.

“Our company is moving in a new, digital direction and PlanSwift gives us the ability to do so with ease.”-Usa Floor-tec / Mark Sevarino

Once a section is digitized, add powerful assemblies that can include everything you need in a given area even tools and labor. In seconds, PlanSwift will produce accurate takeoffs and estimates.

With the PlanSwift software’s ability to work with any plan type, even PDF, carpet estimates can be quickly done without the need to drive to the actual location.

With gas costing $4.00 a gallon, just saving the need to drive to the location could easily pay for the investment in PlanSwift.

However, PlanSwift offers even more time and money savers. With the ability to complete takeoffs in one-tenth the time it takes to do by hand, you can get that much more done without paying for help.

“Jobs that once took an hour or longer, I can now do in under fifteen minutes. The program has paid for itself already, with all the time I have saved since using it. Not only that, but the tech guys, Mike and Patrick have been really helpful in getting things up and running for me, or answering any questions I have had. They are both very friendly and funny too. I highly recommend this product to everyone who has a computer. We love it!”-Southern Flooring / Reed

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