The traffic into California planrooms has been a mixed bag. In some areas and even on just some days the traffic numbers and amount of new construction looks like we are having an improvement, then in others everything is still bad.

What this is forcing professional contractors everywhere in the state to do it to estimate and bid more jobs, spending more time and money getting plans for plan rooms. This can be an expensive task in cash, time and gas.

One solution is to start using online planrooms along with construction software. With this combination, you can save money on printing and total cost because many of these operations charge less. Plus the savings of gas because you do not need to drive the planroom.

This combination is even better when you use construction estimating software. Now you can download the plan right into the program and start digitizing and estimating instantly, saving yourself time.

With the speed these building estimating programs have you can finish estimates in 50% the time it would take by hand.

Put both of these together and contractors can save money while bidding on more construction jobs at the same time.

For California contractors using planrooms and software can be the difference between great success and tough times.