Calculating addition construction costs can be a time consuming process. Depending on the size and level of customization of the job estimating materials and takeoffs can be a long time consuming process. A process that might not develop into work.

For the simplest of addition jobs excel spreadsheets work just fine. However, to produce consistently accurate, profitable estimates and takeoffs the use of construction estimating software becomes essential.

Software allows you to customize your parts lists, and materials for different projects.

This is a big advantage over spreadsheet. Spreadsheets at fixed in what they have on them. This requires you to either have different spreadsheets for different types of jobs, or determine which items are needed on a large cumbersome “catch-all” excel constructions spreadsheet. Neither of these options leads to quick, accurate and consistently profitable estimates.

Addition Construction Cost Software

With Software like PlanSwift, you can create custom assemblies of parts, tools, materials and labor then simply use them (by dragging and dropping) whenever they are needed. This makes it very simple to customize the addition construction cost bid for homeowners.

Regardless to the size, complexity or level of customization of any addition it is important to be able to submit accurate bids in a timely fashion to the homeowner. Often the first bid received is the one that all others have to measure against. It becomes the most favorable simply by being the first. This means that you need to be able to submit estimates of the cost of an addition quickly, or risk not getting the job.

PlanSwift with its ability to work from PDF plans is a major help in this respect, as most homeowners will have the plans in this format. With the automatic PDF to TIF converter, you will be able to start estimates and takeoffs from HO PDF files only minutes after receiving them.

Then by cutting the time, it takes to do estimates in half or more PlanSwift allows you to complete estimates rapidly. Because you can work from anywhere you have a computer, you could possibly even complete the estimate before leaving the house.

Calculating addition construction cost can be time consuming process unless you use construction estimating and takeoff software like PlanSwift.