PlanSwift is a great professional tool to calculate how much paint is needed for any job.

With powerful formulas built in to help and assembly based takeoffs professional painters can quickly, easily and accurately estimate paint and wall covering needs.

“I have researched MANY different take off software programs and have found PlanSwift to be by FAR the least expensive, easiest to learn and easiest to use. It is PERFECT for painting contractors (or any subcontractor trade) who do all forms of commercial work or residential work. My largest painting bid via PlanSwift was 2,000. It took me a total of 3 hours from start to price out the door. No other program saves you more time. It will pay for itself in one week. Double the amount of bids you do = double your sales” Evergreen Technology / Lynn Fife

Calculating How Much Paint with PlanSwift

“I have yet to have any problems with this incredible program. I use it for painting and I have had not problems doing the takeoffs, in fact, they have been pleasingly easy to navigate through. I had troubles getting my plans into the system of the previous product I was using, but with PlanSwift this is a quick and easy process to manage. I started by leasing the program, due to my skepticism from other programs I had ordered before. Today, however, I am a proud owner of the software. I am very happy to see what PlanSwift has to offer for the future.”-Jade Mailloux & Sons, Inc / Greg Grover

“No grievances, makes estimating much easier, very intuitive. All-in-all, PlanSwift is a great product.”-AAA Quality Painting / James Rooney

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