Calculating how much concrete you need has always been straightforward. Length times width times depth. Elementary school math. The key is how much time you spend involved doing the calculations.

But in construction the industry thing are never that simple. Trying to figure out how much concrete, you need for a curved sidewalk or irregular shaped room takes some work.

This is where on screen estimating software can really be a time saver, and keep you from pulling your hair out at the same time. With programs like PlanSwift all you need to do is select the area you want to work with and the estimating program can do all the rest. Curves, irregular shapes and even area not connected are simple.

“PlanSwift is great because I am able to import plans without having to do it manually. The digitizer is a time saving tool. Also, the updates are frequent and have proven to be effective.”-Star Concrete Foundations, Inc. / William Stone

No need to waste time calculating how much concrete you need for a project.

You can then put together professional bids in minutes. No need spend your night working up numbers when PlanSwift can do them for you as you go along. Providing you with a detailed estimate and takeoff along with a bid and report, as you want.

Calculating construction material needs has joined the digital age. Come see for yourself just how much better is can be.