A CAD digitizer is an extremely helpful tool to have in your toolkit. By making it easy to change from CAD plans a more normal digitized format. The problem can be the cost and ROI of such a tool.

If your operation does not need a CAD digitizer tool very often the expense of buying one may not pay for itself in a reasonable period. This is never good for a business.

That is why programs like PlanSwift are so important and useful. They give you the ability to use it as a CAD digitizer along with all the other great tools it offers.

CAD Digitizer

“Eliminating the hassle of handling the printed plans is a huge benefit and time saver.”-84 Lumber / Mike Boyer


PlanSwift is the #1 construction takeoff and estimating software in the industry for a reason. Mainly because of how powerful the program is and how easy it is to use, but also because of how affordable the program is.

For less than a truck payment, you can have access to this amazing program.

“I have yet to have any problems with this incredible program. I use it for painting and I have had not problems doing the takeoffs, in fact, they have been pleasingly easy to navigate through. I had troubles getting my plans into the system of the previous product I was using, but with PlanSwift this is a quick and easy process to manage. I started by leasing the program, due to my skepticism from other programs I had ordered before. Today, however, I am a proud owner of the software. I am very happy to see what PlanSwift has to offer for the future.”-Jade Mailloux & Sons, Inc / Greg Grover

However, the benefits of PlanSwift don’t stop there, because it can use most any file type you can also use it a PDF takeoff tool or as a CAD digitizer or takeoff tool.

To learn more about PlanSwift and all of its features and benefits the best way it to download a FREE copy today.