A building materials calculator is an ideal task for computers. It is a process that involves a lot of calculations and repetitive tasks. These are tasks which people are not good.

Studies have shown human are not good at repetitive calculations. The mind tends to wonder off or forgets about an item that should have been included. This is why most estimators tend to use highlights to mark off what they have done.

Building Materials Calculator

“I have used various estimating programs over the past years and I have found PlanSwift to be an extremely user friendly program. It was easy to get a new user up and running with minimal training down time. After I downloaded the program and with the excellent assistance of Matt Miller in tech support, I was doing takeoffs with plans the very first day. One exceptional feature it has afforded me that I have found invaluable is the ability to work on customer’s reproduced plans that are no longer to scale, which is something many of our sales force have come to rely on. Since that first day, the program and all its many facets have increased my efficiency and productivity in estimating and completing material takeoffs across the board. Add to this the economical cost factor of the program as compared to other programs which are much more expensive and require additional ‘hardware’ and much more training, it goes without saying this program pays for itself in short order. I would and do highly recommend this program to other estimators with large or small companies, you will be surprised and amazed at what it can do for your profitability and efficiency.”-Stock Building Supply / Bill Wise

It is just for this reason that computer programs are a wonderful tool calculating building materials lists. The computer could care less what is happening, it is just another math calculation to run.

By allowing the computer to build the materials list, you also save yourself time. Computer can run through an entire building in a matter of minutes, whereas is would take a person a couple of hours.

As you know from years of working with tools, it is extremely helpful, even essential to use the best tool for a job. Anything else will cause you to take more time, or end up doing the job in a less than perfect manner. A building materials calculator is the same way, and the best tool for the job is construction estimating and takeoff software.