Building cost estimating is a process that can easily be turned into a process and delegated out to others within an organization, freeing the owners to do tasks with high value to them. With software this can be done easily while still allowing the owner to oversee cost critical parts of the estimating process.

PlanSwift construction takeoff and estimating software does this by using assembly based takeoffs.

With assemblies, collection of material, tools and labor can be put together in advance then used when needed in the estimating and takeoff process. This has the great advantage of allow the owner of experienced estimator to build the assemblies once, taking their time in the beginning while they are doing a building cost estimate.

Once the assemblies are built, they can be reused in any project simply by dragging and dropping them into digitizer areas. This allows workers with less experience to do the same quality work as the advanced workers but at a much lower cost per hour.

Digitizing an area

What makes this possible is how easy the digitizing process is. With just a few clicks on a computer screen any areas, linear length, segment length, item count or cubic area can be calculated. Any plans can be used for takeoffs even PDF files.

With the area digitized the assembly can be added. From there the computer software will do the rest, using the assembly built by the expert to arrive at a fast, accurate and easy building cost estimate.