BIM estimating has many positive and negative aspects to it. The biggest drawback is the complexity of the setting up and starting to use a BIM system. One way to gain most of the benefits of BIM estimating techniques with the level of complexity is to use assembly based takeoffs.

With assembly based takeoffs, the materials, tools and even labor can be built into assemblies before they are needed. Then when an assembly is needed in is simply added to an area by dragging it into the area and dropping it. The computer program does all the work, almost instantly producing estimates of costs, and materials.

BIM Estimating

Of great benefit is the speed with which assemblies can be created. In a matter of minutes a complex assembly can be done. Plus, assemblies can be built while the project in underway. There is no need to have all the assemblies completed before estimating begins. However, once an assembly is finished it can be saved for use whenever it is needed, even in other projects.

With these quality tools, construction estimators can get the great aspects of BIM estimating without some of the negative issues.

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