Over the last two weeks I have had the fun for using the new PlanSwift 9.0. Although still in the Beta testing phase it is close to coming out. Be looking for it when it does because this is more of a re-release than an update.

The design engineers have completely redone the user interface. Giving it a far better feel and allowing you to work even better than before with all the tools.

Some of the better improvements to come along include:

  • Better Excel Spreadsheet integration –
  • Page list tree – including folders, and sub-folders to make organizing plans extremely easy.
  • Hyper linking from inside PlanSwift to bookmarks, web content and documents. No need to leave the program.
  • Drag and drop estimating – Just drag the material, or list of material and drop in into an area, PlanSwift will do the rest for you in seconds. Kicking back out your material needs and estimating numbers.
  • Powerful reports – no matter the size of your company you will be able to create reports like the big guys with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Overlays allowing you to see pages or compare changes from one plan iteration to another.
  • Fully customizable even allowing third party developers to build plugins just like apps for an iPhone.

But the best part about this is even with all this great power and usability PlanSwift 9.0 is still simple enough for new users.

PlanSwift 9.0

I had a great time working with 9.0 and look forward to hear what you think when it comes outs soon.