3D estimating, or the ability to stack multiple pages of plans together is a critical ability all estimators should have. With all but the simplest projects, there will be costs associated with running materials from one floor to the next.

With paper, this 3-d estimating was done with a light table trying to “see thru” the pages on to the next. Depending on how good the eyes are, the number of pages and the thickness of the plans this would work for one to three pages. This can become too hard to do accurate estimating work.

3D Estimating with multiple overlays

Now with plans able to be displayed on a computer screen this is no longer an issue. With PlanSwift, users are able to stack multiple plans one on top of the next. Each plan is automatically sized to match the first plan, and can be given a different color for easy identification.

Once stacked the plan pages can be turned on and off instantly and selectively to allow user to see exactly what they need to accurately finish their work.

This 3 D stacking can be done for any plan page in a job. Different floors of a project, trades or specialties, even specific areas can be done.

With PlanSwift, you can quickly and easily complete estimates that would have taken hours any other way.