1. No more printing of plans. With digital planrooms and construction takeoff software there is never a need to print plans, everything can be done on the computer screen.
  2. Save on Gas. No need to drive to the local planroom to get plans mean saving on gas.
  3. Get plans when you want. Drive not only takes gas but it also takes valuable time. Then there is the issue with planroom hours. However, online planrooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You will never need to wait until they are open, you can get plans when it is best for you.
  4. Save time. Takeoff and estimating software allows you to complete your work in 10% the time it has taken before. This is time you can use for other activities.
  5. Go green. By not needing to print plans, you can dramatically cut down on the paper you use.
  6. Send plan at the speed of light. When construction plans are digital sending them to other members of your team or subs is as easy as sending any email.
  7. Estimate from anywhere. Anywhere you can carry a notebook computer you can do estimating work, even in a homeowners living room, or on a job site.
  8. Save money. By using digital planroom and construction software together, you can save on you planroom costs, enough to cover the cost of the software quickly. Because digital planrooms can charge so much less and provide greater access at the same time you can save good money.
  9. Scale plans to fit your needs. Digital plans can be scaled to fit your needs. Easily zoom in to see details or zoom out to get the big picture.
  10. Work with any type of plans. Just because you using online planrooms does not mean you can scan in plans and work with them.
  11. Powerful combination. When used together creates a great synergy allowing for powerful task completion.