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Excel Integration

This tool creates a 2-way communication link between Excel and PlanSwift.  New workbooks are stored right in the Attachments window of PlanSwift. This was intended for users who want to integrate into their pre-formatted Excel workbook template. This also works great as a standalone to create workbook templates from scratch.

PlanSwift 8.4
Microsoft Excel 2002 or later.

Creating Your Template

  1. Most users will likely have a spreadsheet that they have already created that they want to link to PlanSwift. Start by creating a copy of your spreadsheet and save it AS a .xlt file.

  2. Once that file has succesfully saved as a template, Microsoft Excel is in the Edit Template Mode.  If you right click on a cell you will see the PlanSwift - Define Template menu. This is where you will define what digitizer item will be set to the selected cell.

  3. After selecting the digitizer type you can set the item Name, Description and Color as well as where the item is to be stored in PlanSwift.
  4. Click OK when you are finished with the item and repeat the process for any additional cells you need to link.

Once the link has been created you will notice the note that is attached to the cell. this is where the digitizer information is stored until the cell has been populated.

Using the Template in PlanSwift

  1. Launch PlanSwift and open a job.  You should see the Excel Files tool bar in the Job tab. It contains two icons; one to attach an Excel file to the job  and one to open an Excel file. Click on "Attach Excel File to Job"
  2. Once Clicked the Excel Templates window will open. Select the template that you want to use.
  3. Once selected click open and PlanSwift will save a copy of the template as a .xls file in your attachments folder in the PlanSwift job folder. The excel file will also open for editing. By right clicking on one of the predefined cells you will see the PlanSwift menu and the predefined item you created.
  4. Once the item has been selected the focus will change to PlanSwift. You will be prompted to select a page if one has not been selected already.
  5. After selecting a page you will be able to digitize as you normally would within PlanSwift.
  6. By toggling back and forth you will see your spreadsheet populate with the digitized quantities from PlanSwift.


PlanSwift 8.4
Microsoft Excel 2002 or later.

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