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Whats New in PlanSwift 9.4

Whats New in 9.4

In the release of 9.4 you will find a few new enhancements as well as many general fixes. Here is a list of a few items you will see. While not a large feature release a lot of attention has been focused on general housekeeping and stability tasks for rock solid performance.

  • New Annotation Tools - This new feature set includes the ability to create revision clouds, rubber stamps and sticky tabs to easily mark up your drawings.

  • Area Fill for subtracted sections - This time saver allows you to simply drag and drop templates onto a subtracted area section to automatically fill it with the new item.

  • Global Currency Setting - Allows you to easily set a different currency in PlanSwift

  • Right Click on Page to open in a new Tab

  • Copy to Clipboard - Copy your image and takeoff to your Windows clipboard and paste the image into third party programs such as Outlook or Word. (found on the Page Tab)

  • Updated PDF support
  • Improved Zoom, Pan and 'Auto-scroll' functions
  • Numerous minor bug fixes have been applied
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